Ministry Leadership

Our K’hillah is a loving community in Yeshua. Day to day operations are taken care of by a board of directors who advise and assist our Pastors with ministerial work. These leaders provide care for every individual and family in this congregation.

Murray Archibald-Fisher    Lead Pastor

Murray Archibald-Fisher

Lead Pastor

Marta Archibald-Fisher    Lead Teacher

Marta Archibald-Fisher

Lead Teacher

Connie Sinkler-Thomas   Board Secretary

Connie Sinkler-Thomas

Board Secretary

Ray Baerg   Board Chair

Ray Baerg

Board Chair

Neil Loewen   Director

Neil Loewen


Derek Good   Financial Recorder

Derek Good

Financial Recorder

Steve Godley   Director

Steve Godley


Heike Pfuetzner   Envelope Secretary

Heike Pfuetzner

Envelope Secretary

Janet Gray   Elder

Janet Gray


Ron Gray   Elder

Ron Gray